10 reasons why Twente beats Arsenal (English version)

top10Twente plays arsenal in the Preliminary stage of the Champions League. A lot of people expect Arsenal to win. In Enschede we think otherwise.

A special English edition so Arsenal will know what hit them.

The august 2008 top 10, why Twente beats Arsenal:

  • 10.) Dennis Bergkamp stopped.
  • 9.) Revenge for the 1978 Uefa cup loss against Manchester City
  • 8.) We’re not impressed by a good ambiance in a stadium.
  • 7.) PSV, with assistant Rutten (former Twente head coach) beat Arsenal in 2007.
  • 6.) Our new coach knows the English game very well.
  • 5.) Arsenal players are still tired from Euro 2008.
  • 4.) Nobody knows who is gonna play at the striker position.
  • 3.) People from Rotterdam always have a hard time against Twente.
  • 2.) Robin van Persie, HEUBACH is coming for you...
  • 1.) Twente brings along Sander Boschker, Nikolaj Michajlov, Cees Paauwe, Edson Braafheid, Douglas, Jeroen Heubach, Slobodan Rajković, Niels Wellenberg, Rob Wielaert, Ramon Zomer, Wout Brama, Youssouf Hersi, Theo Janssen, Ibrahim Maaroufi, Cheik Tioté, Bjarni Viðarsson, Luke Wilkshire, Marko Arnautović, Romano Denneboom, Eljero Elia, Patrick Gerritsen, Stein Huysegems, Blaise Kufo Andrej and Rendla.

Nederlandse versie